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Frequently Asked Residential Masonry Contracting Questions

Can any home builder build a masonry home?

While many home builders can create structures with imitation stone siding, it takes additional education in masonry to build a long-lasting and high-quality masonry structure.

What makes masonry homes more resistant to pests?

Many homes are built from drywall and wood which is simple for rodents and insects to chew through. When you invest in a masonry home constructed by JB Stonework Inc, you’ll be investing in solid stonework that is virtually impenetrable.

Is a masonry home quieter than a wood home?

Masonry homes have more mass and are quieter than wood homes. This solid material keeps out a wide range of noises.

How do I know if my chimney needs repairs?

While many chimney repairs need to be viewed from the rooftop, you can do your best to keep an eye out for damaged mortar joints, a rusted damper, stones that are popping out or flaking, as well as cracked chimney crowns.

Can masonry be insulated?

New homes built using masonry can be insulated like any other home, however insulating older masonry can compromise durability to outside walls.

Can you match the stones that were used before?

Stones can be matched, especially by a professional masonry company like us, which has access to multiple sources of materials. However, depending on the age of the stone it can be difficult. Stone types and styles can become unavailable but by working with distributers a solution can be found.

Do you install or repair interlock stones?

We most certainly can! While repair isn’t always as simple as stones that don’t interlock, we are up for the job.

What is mortar? What are the ingredients used in mortar?

Mortar is the paste that binds stones and concrete masonry together. It is made of a cement material mixed with mason sand and water.

How often should stone be repointed?

Repointing removes deteriorating mortar from the joints of your wall, replacing it with newer stronger masonry. Luckily enough for masonry home owners, installation is made to last so you should only need to fix it every 50-100 years!

How should I decide whether to rebuild or repair masonry?

As a strong material masonry was created to stand the test of time. When there are clear problems such as moisture causing stone fragments to fall off—referred to as “spalling”—it’s time to repair or rebuild. Getting a professional opinion is important in any case.

Do you do masonry work in the winter months?

Masonry work can be done in winter months but it is simpler during warm weather, as mortar needs to be at a specific temperature when we work with it.

How can I get an estimate?

Just give us a call or send us an email! We’ll set up an appointment and come to your home to provide a free estimate straight away.