Located in Glen Huron serving Thornbury and surrounding areas.


About JB Stonework Inc

At JB Stonework Inc, we’ve been working with natural and artificial stones for a number of years. As masonry contractors, we take pride in both craftsmanship, and the history of our trade. This attitude allows us to construct and repair impressive masonry work for every one of our local clients.

The JB Stonework Inc team isn’t just made up of skilled masonry workers, but of craftsmen who are dedicated to the trade and all the latest design trends, making us capable of providing you with inspiration and the hands to get the job done.

Services We Offer

JB Stonework Inc is a full-service team of residential masonry contractors. This means that we offer a full range of services, from design, to completion and cleanup.

Concrete Work

Concrete can be used in driveways, foundations, walls, as well as just about anything else in the construction of a home. From patios to flooring, this versatile material is one of our favorites to work with.

Reinforced concrete adds strength to larger buildings, and asphalt makes up a big part of any city’s infrastructure. Work with JB Stonework Inc and we’ll come up with innovative and practical concrete work to benefit any home.

Masonry Repair

When you’re looking through local masonry contractors, keep in mind that a company invested in the history of masonry is going to benefit you more than one that’s focused only on the future.

The masonry trade has a long history, and when you’re looking to repair this material, historical accuracy is key. At JB Stonework Inc, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and respect of historical structures.

Masonry Contractors That Work for You

At JB Stonework Inc, we always work with our clients closely from start to finish to ensure that the work we complete is the work you want to be living with for years to come.